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r u frickin serious rn

This is Oblivion, the game where Emperor Patrick Stewart not only trusts you, a prisoner who’s defense for being in jail is “I dunno….. I don’t remember how I got here man,” with a mission to save the entire world from demons, but also stops to talk about your horoscope along the way. Yes, he is very serious right there.

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Have you ever violently hated everything all at once and wanted to scream about how it’s not possible to get your shit together when no one else has their shit together and seriously….. I just want to get my fucking shit together and I hate everything. Absolutely everything. Then there’s this one person that I love…. one of the most amazing people on the planet who should be loved and cared for and always appreciated for how awesome he is……. and I want to smack the shit out of him and tell him to fucking get the fuck over it for fuck’s sake because this has gone on too long already and he would be happier if he would just STOP ALREADY!

Fuck! I hate everything. Just….. AHHHHHHHH jfjbfhehdjjgktkdbf bciej

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